Our exclusive premium range of products and services maintain the highest standards in skincare and cosmetics. They’re designed to support and complement your natural beauty as well as support your recovery. Discover a world of uncompromising beauty with Mara Aesthetics exclusive range.

Aptos Thread Lifting

Aptos Thread Lifting is an innovative non-surgical approach for facial lifting and body contouring. Aptos Thread Lifting also stimulates collagen production.

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A newly-conceived, practical and handy tool without wires, to be combined with the treatments performed with other devices present in the specialised studies of dermatology, plastic surgery and aesthetic medicicine.

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Mara Dermaceuticals

Designed to improve the results of surgery, compression garments stimulate blood circulation and assist in the recovery process.

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Embark on a journey of professional growth with our ‘Training’ section at Mara Aesthetics, offering comprehensive courses designed to enhance your expertise in advanced aesthetic treatments.

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Discover exciting gatherings, expert-led workshops, and exclusive promotions centred around enhancing your natural beauty.

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Distribution in Australia and New Zealand

Your destination for the latest updates and expert insights into cutting-edge cosmetic treatments and skincare trends.

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Empowering our clients to enrich the lives and self image of their patients

Mara Aesthetics was founded by Mara and Scott in 2010 to serve the needs of cosmetic practitioners in Australia and New Zealand. Both Mara and Scott have extensive experience in the medical and cosmetic surgery industries having worked in senior positions with several multinational companies in Australia and overseas.

Our company represents a specialised range of innovative, high quality products in the field of minimally invasive cosmetic surgery. In addition to our range of specialised products we also have a dedicated training Centre and a fully functioning cosmetic practice clinic.

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Our Exclusive Products

Mara Aesthetics uses its own premium and exclusive products to bring you the best in skincare and cosmetic treatments. We also have products that can help you recover from surgery.

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